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Buying Or Building A Water Fountain: Things To Consider

A great deal about fountains has changed over the last decade. Now there are really high class ones made of copper, stainless steel, bronze, concrete, and stone, and some fairly nice ones made of resin and fiberglass. There are several things to consider, though. As a pump wholesaler, I speak with fountain owners all the time and also look at lots of samples of fountains at trade shows and in magazine........ Read More

Transform You Home With An Indoor Water Fountain

Few accessories can transform your home as magically as indoor fountains. Not only do they create a mobile work of art in your home but they also pleasure your senses with the sound of running water and infuse your atmosphere with energizing negative ions. Imagine returning home to a house that sings to the sound of running water like a gentle stream. Or resonates to the crash of surf. The air is fresh, cool and energizing. Your stress fades away and your mood lifts. Not only is your house be........ Read More

Water Fountain Options

Water fountains, like many of the items we as consumers shop for need to be selected with careful consideration for where they will be placed and how. If such things are overlooked, you risk ruining the particular look in the room in which they will be placed. Since we realize that most of you are dealing with different spaces and budgets, we thought we’d elaborate on the various types of indoor water fountains available to give you a better idea of what is most suitable for your home. On ........ Read More

Using Water Fountains As Memorials

Much like statue, water fountains are also used to commemorate an individual’s memorable existence or notable achievement. While fountains are often constructed of some kind of statuary, obviously the difference lies in the addition of falling water. The sound of falling water brings on the feeling of peace and the sight of it reflection. Adding water to a solid form instantly changes a simple object into a tangible and living thing. Unlike a statue (no matter how elaborate the statue is in it........ Read More

Fountain – A Watery Touch To Your House

Water fountains inside a large garden pond, water bodies, or farm ponds, lends a beautifully elegant touch to them. The water fountains, due to filtration, keep the water clean, and provide additional oxygen to the pond fishes. While selecting a fountain, make sure that the height of the water fountain spray is less than one half the width of the garden pond. This helps to prevent excessive water loss. For proper distribution of water, it is necessary to match the fountain spray with the fount........ Read More

Indoor Water Fountains

If you are looking for a way to relax, you have to find little ways to keep your stress levels down during the day. You can do things like yoga, but that isn’t always possible when you are faced with a deadline and you don’t have time to stop. There are things that can help you remain calm. They may seem like simple things, but they really do help. One thing that helps me when I need to calm down is one of my indoor water fountains. I have a few of them because they are all different. I........ Read More

Don’t Blow Your Nose In The Water Fountain

We all know the general rules of the gym: don’t drop the weights, wipe your sweat off the machines when you’re done, etc. But do you know all about the more "colorful", lesser known rules of the gym? NOTE: These rules are JOKES! If you ever see any of these rules posted at any gym you ever go to, please take a picture for me! 1. Don’t blow your nose in the water fountain. This is a crude habit and can contribute to the spread of colds and viruses. Besides, that’s what the gym towels........ Read More

Water Fountains As A Gateway For Relaxation

Let’s be honest – at times life can be extremely stressful. There are several ways in which you can try to relax, but these typically require a good amount of time. Why not look into something that can help relax you while you’re on the run? We thought you might be interested, which is why we’ll be discussing indoor water fountains as a means to ease up during a stressful day. As most of you might know, indoor water fountains utilize water and re-circulate it over decorative stones a........ Read More

Tropical Gardens Feature Concrete Water Fountains

Tropical gardens and their lovely concrete water fountains may be found not only in the tropics, but also all over the world. Tropical gardens have been an important part of horticulture history and continue to delight people today. They may be found anywhere from large estates to the small backyard. The First Tropical Gardens With Concrete Water Fountains The first tropical gardens and concrete water fountains were thought to be in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia but they were designed for ........ Read More


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