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Employee Benefits

RRP $233.99

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Dealing with the subject of employee benefits and aimed at the health care professional, this book is one of a series of concise volumes which give the facts needed to understand today's most critical legal issues and make informed decisions upon them. These handbooks also show health care operations how to comply with the range of laws which affect them. Each volume is a mini-treatise on a specific subject of immediate concern and includes an overview of the principal legal issue of each topic; a user-friendly format for easy access to information and support documents such as statutory text; model contract language and administrative ruling.

Employee Benefits Design And Planning

RRP $295.99

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This book offers guidance for understanding benefits options and plan structures, and making better decisions for your organization. Writing for both HR and finance professionals, internationally respected compensation and benefits professor and consultant Bashker Biswas drills comprehensively into today's most important benefits-related topics and challenges.Employee Benefits Design and Planning covers all this, and much more:

  • Finance and accounting implications of Healthcare benefits
  • Other risk benefits
  • Severance benefits
  • Disability and group life insurance programs
  • Flexible benefits
  • Non-qualified deferred arrangements
  • 409A plans, ESOPs, Money Purchase Pension Plans, Cash Balance Plans, 401(k), 403(b) plans and 457 Plans
  • Employee benefit plan financial reporting, legal compliance, and auditing
  • Employee benefits in mergers and acquisitions
  • Self-funding vs. insurance funding decisions
  • Global employee benefits including umbrella pension plans and multi-national pooling
  • Equity participation in employee benefit plans

Biswas introduces and explains key employee benefit metrics and ratios, and demonstrates best practices for forecasting costs and budgeting appropriately. For all compensation professionals, benefits professionals, human resource professionals, accounting professionals, labor attorneys, financial analysts, and finance professionals. Readers will have roles in benefits-related consulting, finance, accounting, and human resource management, both domestic and international.

Fasting A Spiritual Discipline With Physical Benefits

RRP $16.99

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Fasting teaches us to build health through Biblical principles by following Godly wisdom in our eating habits and allows us to gain control of our appetite. God formed every part of our body and He want us to honor Him by taking care of them. He loves our physical body; they are priceless to Him and He calls them His temple. Caring for the Holy Spirit's temple requires wisdom, and balance, and only God can help us gain both. To hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, our mind must be attentive and clear not bogged down by unhealthy food. As we learn to appreciate our body as the temple of the Holy Spirit we will change our thought pattern and create a healthy balance with food. If you are ready for a breakthrough in your dieting struggle, Fasting a Spiritual Discipline with Physical Benefits, provides a foundation to help you develop a life-changing commitment. God created food to give us energy, to heal our bodies, and for us to enjoy. Food was never meant to control us. When we shift our attention from losing weight to improving health by eating properly and cleansing the Holy Spirit's Temple, our body will begin to reach the weight that is best for us. Many of people decided to diet, but only a few resolve to fast.

Health Care As A Right Of Citizenship

RRP $34.99

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While the Obama administration's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has expanded health care coverage for millions of Americans, it has fallen short in offering universal health care to all. In Health Care as a Right of Citizenship, Gunnar Almgren argues that the ACA's primary significance is not in its expansion of health care entitlements but in its affirming by an act of Congress the idea that comprehensive health care must be available to all as a right of citizenship. The mainstream American public now views access to affordable health care to all citizens as a crucial function of just and effective governance-and any proposed alternative to the ACA must be reconciled with that expectation. This ambitious book examines how the American health care system must be further reformed to bring it closer in line with the ideals of a modern democracy, as well as how the ACA may change in the coming years. It suggests the next, natural step in the realization of health and well being as a fundamental human right. Based on a close analysis of the writings of sociologist TH Marshall and philosopher John Rawls, this book examines the theoretical foundations for health care as a social right of citizenship. Almgren then translates these theoretical principles into core health care policy aims. Throughout, he argues that the ACA is but an evolutionary step toward a more radical and fundamental health care reform. Almgren suggests how such a restructured health care system might operate, with specific proposals for its financing and delivery systems. He also explores the special issues and considerations that all nations must grapple with as they seek to provide a sustainable social right to health care. Health Care as a Right of Citizenship will stimulate and challenge readers who take an interest in America's health care policy, particularly those who wish for a health care system that is both financially sustainable and capable of making healthcare accessible, adequate, and affordable to all Americans, irrespective of their societal position and individual health needs.

Forget Not All His Benefits

RRP $70.95

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"For more than sixteen years, I've witnessed firsthand the unwavering faith of Nirmala Nathan. Nirmala is a loving wife and mother of three children and a woman passionate for God. In her book, Forget Not All His Benefits, she shares a collection of true accounts and stories that will surely inspire your heart and soul. This book will challenge your 'trust level' in God, dare you to reach a new level. Read, enjoy and be blessed by each page!"

-Bob Johnston, lead pastor, Global Kingdom Ministries

"The author as a teacher has vividly portrayed her real-life journey with a spiritually insightful thinking that clarifies the challenges she had faced in a dramatic style. It is essential reading for anyone counseling, parenting, or teaching an adolescent or an adult to help them overcome stubborn emotional barriers and facilitate altering their paradigms for the sake of practical and spiritual life change."

-Rev. Sundar Savarimuhu, Tamil Christian Church, PAOC, Toronto

"Readers will be refreshed by this straightforward, simple, direct, and honest presentation of real-life incidents from the author's own life. Mrs. Nirmala Nathan's testimonies in this book feel like a continuation of the book of Acts and a clear witness to God's moving among His children even today."

-David Duraisami, president, Christian Fellowship of India and Sri Lanka

"Nirmala does a ministry of encouragement and comfort. Her Christian walk of faith witness inspires and uplifts others. She has touched many with her practical Christian approach."

-Vathsala Thomas, president of Thanjavur Christians in Canada


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